Monday, February 27

Pen to paper

I hate technical drawing.

Sitting down at a drawing board with a T-square and scale ruler to draw precise plans, elevations and the like can be a real chore when you're used to living the cosy Moleskine and biro lifestyle. I'd much rather churn out wobbly sketches of spidery landscaping and funkily shaded walls than spend hours accurately measuring out windows and scratching away ink smudges before scrapping my work and starting again because I was out by half a metre.

Alas, this is a necessary evil of the course, even with the modern luxury of eager CAD monkeys slaving away in the dungeons of architectural practice. So here's what I've got to do:
  • Plan
  • Four elevations
  • Section
  • Isometric
  • Sectional perspective showing construction details
  • Model at 1:50 scale
When what I really want to be coming up with is more stuff like this:

Such is the life of a student these days...



Blogger listsanddiagrams said...

Sectional perspective! I love those drawings. They're hard work to do properly, but so satisfying. I ended up fudging most of them, though.

16/5/06 11:51 PM  
Blogger James Wheare said...

Man I've neglected this place. Got lots of stuff to update on here but I've become rather disillusioned by architecture of late... We'll see

17/5/06 1:30 AM  

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