Sunday, October 30

Reaching skyward

Determining heights and proportions from scratch with no scaled reference is a bit of a pain, but eminently doable.

Project 2: Writer's studio scale cross-section of scheme.

Yes, I'm aware of the unintelligible nature of this cross-section and the distinct lack of a roof. Take it as an opportunity to stretch your imaginative flair.

Ruby's been visiting from Wimbledon for the weekend on retreat from designing costumes. That's a working retreat... of course. In the main, this work has involved languishing in bed calling out eccentricities such as "If you were a Norse God, who would you be?" and generally being a lady of consummate splendour.

What a muse.



Anonymous Tessa said...

oh look! I can leave COMMENTS :D
pretty pictures
pretty james

4/11/05 3:03 PM  

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