Wednesday, November 9

The tedium of drafting

While I appreciate it's a handy skill to have, and producing a really stunning drawing can be very satisfying, repeatedly drawing and redrawing the same scheme in the same plane is a bit of a pain.

I redrew the plan for our writer's studio earlier tonight (which admittedly wasn't too bad since it was mostly tracing) and took a little webcam movie of the process for kicks. Check it out:

Drafting a writer's studio in plan starring James Wheare. (917kb)

I stumbled upon a fantastic blog earlier today, written by a third year Graphic Design student at Bath Spa University, just down the road. Claire Mills is examining the state of Graphic Design education and laying out what she feels such an experience should involve. Readers are encouraged to contribute their thoughts on the site, which may well be incorporated into her final major project.

As an Architecture student, her thoughts and ideas apply just as much to me as to anyone pursuing a design education and I'd definitely recommend you give it a look.

While I'm here, I'd just like to point you in the direction of an incredibly talented artist I went to school with. Fred Stidston's paintings are breathtaking, vivid and teaming with character and you should all run to his site this instant!

Right, now for some two-point perspective love...



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