Sunday, March 18

Bus times back online is currently the first hit for "mash up offline" on Google. Not a particularly delightful situation, but I'm happy to say that the DeadBus has risen!

I've moved the site to a sultry new virtual private server at RimuHosting and real time bus updates are flowing once more. You shouldn't notice a difference, but I've now got a lot more freedom to tweak performance behind the scenes, and future downtime of this sort should be rare.
Disclaimer: Rare, not impossible

Do let me know if you're seeing funny stuff, things may have become muddled in the move.


Wednesday, February 14 down

Due to some server configuration issues, I've had to take LiveBus down until further notice. I'll hopefully have the problems solved soon and will make another announcement as soon as the site returns.

Sorry for the annoyance.

Update: The site's back online


Thursday, February 8 launched

As part of a demo at the inaugural Oxford Geek Night (Update: podcasts now online at that link - hooray for immortalised mumblings!) on Wednesday night, I finally gave in and launched the project I've been working on for the last many months. is a free service that lets you find bus stops and routes on a map and look up live arrival times. It currently covers most routes in Oxfordshire and Surrey, and will hopefully be expanded in the future.

More info on LiveBus is at the about page.

Comments/questions/suggestions welcomed and encouraged.